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photo: © Cecilia Alvarez – Hevia

Dora Agency takes its name from surf legend Miki Dora, enfant terrible who walked away from the dogmas established by the American society of the mid-twentieth century to seek his own freedom and lifestyle.

Setting Dora as our referent, our agency specializes around the lifestyle established by the surf culture and all other boardsports, whose trademark is a constant sense of freedom and groundbraking creativity. We develope specific and customized projects focused towards branding, PR, press, communication estrategies and event management for different brands that share one common characteristic: free thinking.

Our target comprises a heterogenic audience that loves nature, sports, music and the good life, hence, our reach includes people within the age range of 20 to 100 years old, who are driven by curiosity and eager to discover and try new experiences at first hand.

Dora Agency is a project conceived by lamono Magazine, an online and printed bimonthly publication, in English and Spanish, whose content is focused on the areas of the arts, photography and the boardsports culture. With a worldwide distribution and more than ten years of experience in the field, the magazine has a solid mediatic infraestructure and an extensive date base with diverse media, bloggers and influencers. Established as a referent, it distributes 20.000 copies across various main establishments in different countries (Spain, Germany, France, United Kingdom, USA and Australia), and its website is a clear trendsetter when it comes to information, offering daily updates with premium content. It counts with a mean of 100.000 unique visitors per month and 250.000 page visits; on Social Media, lamono Magazine has 51.000 followers on Facebook, 12.500 on Twitter and 25.100 on Instagram. Our readers are commited and always interested in novelties related to a lifestyle defined by influencers within the world of art, photography and boardsports.